Sponsorship for KSA

In anticipation of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, GE Korea is supporting the Korea Ski Association (President: Shin Dong-bin, hereafter the “KSA” ) through a financial and technological sponsorship. The unprecedented agreement between GE and KSA goes beyond traditional sport sponsorships. It is also a technological and health based partnership, which includes the development of performance technologies that contribute to the athlete and coach training strategies in advance of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.



(From left) GE Korea’s CEO Chris Khang and the KSA’s Vice President Jae-chan Lee are posing together after signing the MOU.


GE has developed a motion comparison solution based on its industrial internet platform called PREDIX that can help coaches and athletes to develop and review training strategies in advance of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Ski and snowboard coaches can gain insight on athletes’ movement through GE’s PREDIX-based solution, and create training strategies based on the motion insights.

Christopher Katsuleres, Director of Olympic Marketing & Sport Programs of GE, said, “GE is leading advanced infra technologies as well as big data based digital technologies that are applied to big scaled industries. These advanced digital technologies will be applied to the training of the Korean skiers and support them to perform at their best in the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Just like how Brazil canoe hero won three medals from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with our technology partnership, I hope we see a Korean ski hero in the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 that has less than 500 days to go.”

Jae-Chan Lee, Vice President of KSA said, “The color of the medal is decided by 0.01 seconds in the ski competition, so small improvements in the athlete’s performance can lead to very different outcomes. We are pleased to be given the opportunity to maximize the capabilities of the Korean athletes with the support of digital technology from advanced technology companies like GE. We hope Korean skiers will be able to post the best Olympic performance in the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 with home ground advantage and wish the years of effort to lead to their first medals.”

In May 2017, GE held the first GE Sports Leadership Camp in Korea, offering leadership training for 70 national athletes and coaches affiliated with KSA by leveraging its Crotonville leadership curriculum. Going beyond a conventional partnership, GE offers comprehensive support for the Korean national teams, to enhance their competitiveness and leadership skills.



(From left) GE Executive Director Bill Joh, GE Executive Director Willy Cho, GE Olympic Marketing & Sports Programs Director Chris Katsuleres, GE Korea CEO Chris Khang, KSA national snowboard coach Sang-Hun Lee, national snowboarder Da-hye Shin and Sang-ho Lee, KSA Vice President Jae-chan Lee, KSA International Director Je-hun Ryu, and KSA Manager Dong-geun Oh take part in a commemorative photograph.


GE Sports Leadership Camp is a GE Crotonville leadership program that has been customized for Korean sports athletes and their needs, consisting of in-depth discussions that require active participation of athletes and coaches. The program was divided into three sessions: (1) a personal leadership session, which focused on self-esteem, communication skills and self-reflection on their leadership style, (2) a session on emotional resilience, including stress management, a necessary leadership skill for the 21stcentury and (3) a session on how to create a team environment for trust building.

Sang-ho Lee, a national snowboarder, said “I am delighted to be participating in a specialized global leadership program which does not come often” adding, “Based on the experience gained from this training, I will strive to achieve the best results as an individual and as a team in the Olympic Games.”

Sang-Heon Lee, the head coach of the national snowboarding team at KSA, said “Athletes, not just coaches, should also have leadership since they need to be able to keep themselves grounded and continue to develop their skills further. The training program enabled the entire team to become more spirited and reaffirmed the aspiration to become global sport leaders.”

Chris Khang, President & CEO of GE Korea, said “GE’s Crotonville leadership program, an institute for global talent development, is primarily focused on developing leaders that will lead changes in the 21st century.” He emphasized the reason for holding such a program, saying, “GE plans to contribute to not only the success of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 but also the development of Korean sports athletes as global leaders.”


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